Musical Impro

Nini Stadlmann unterrichtet Improvisationstheater mit Schwerpunkt Musical bei internationalen Festivals


The main item of the workshop will be to improvise a Musical of 2 Acts. This contains: drama and structures of musicals, good storytelling, the craft to develope or improvise a choreography, that is effectful in it´s simplicity, but also supports the different characters in the musical. You will learn many structures of songs like soli, duettes, trios and ensemblenumbers. We will also work on characters and their part in a good musicalstory, aswell as in regard to their style.

Every student will be given a bunch of tools to tell a good musicalstory, and the aim is to inspire your partners on stage with wonderful music and great storytelling…


Teacher at the Berlin Impro Festival 2009
Teacher at Assetto Theatro, Roma 2012
Teacher at Tolfama Festival, Tolfa 2016

Recommendation …

Nini’s understanding of collaboration really helps in team building for a musical. The piece is a sum of all of its parts and she is interested in making sure everyone understands that they are working together. Most of the work focuses on looking at your scene partners for what you need and Nini is rightly focused on this group improvisation. Within this group work, she teaches everyone to shine in their own moment and be supported by the group. Each performer feels the generosity of the group, an atmosphere established and emphasized by Nini.

Randy Dixon,
Unexpected Productions, Seattle